Vitamins, Viruses and Shaving Foam

As I wrote here yesterday, I haven’t been having many absences recently. I’m pretty sure at least part of the reason for that is the fact I take a daily vitamin pill. They have been a part of my daily routine for ages, accompanying my breakfast just as much as my morning coffee. That isn’t to say that my diet might otherwise be low on vitamins, but I think it’s good to make sure I’m topped up in that department. Of course, a result of that is that I feel fit and perky in general: I feel strong and well, and seem to stave off bugs and colds fairly quickly. That, of course, makes me wonder whether this could have had an effect on my reaction to Coronavirus: here I am living in an epic metropolis during a global pandemic, with infection rates rising to worrying levels, but so far, touch wood, I seem to have fought it off. Naturally that’s just speculation, but nonetheless it’s all the more reason to keep taking my vitamins.

Mind you, another consequence of those pills is that they cause my beard to grow. That isn’t much of a problem until you have a few days worth of itchy stubble, your PA is about to give you a much-needed shave, and you realise that you have forgotten to buy shaving foam.

2 thoughts on “Vitamins, Viruses and Shaving Foam

  1. Hi bro, I’m really happy to hear your absences are decreasing. Most people in northern Europe are vitamin D deficient in winter, and there is a possible associatiation between vitamin D deficiency and both neurological disorders and beard growth, so it’s quite plausible that you were very deficient! If your diet is balanced, you should already have enough of the other micronutrients, so the multivitamins mostly just give you expensive pee and it’s unlikely that the multivitamins will make much difference to your immune system, alas. If you don’t have much fresh fruit and veg, though, they could ensure your reach a ‘normal’ baseline. I’m glad your taking the multivits, even if just for the vitamin D – I take vitamin D tablets through the winter, as is advised by the NHS.

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