The Brexit Brain Drain Has Begun

The Guardian is reporting that Simon Rattle, lead conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra, has decided to apply for German citizenship due to Brexit. ”The Liverpool-born musician lamented the barriers thrown up by Britain’s departure from the European Union to the careers of young musicians who had grown used to performing freely to the continent’s music-hungry public.” I must confess I recognise Rattle best from this part of the 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony, but, rather more seriously, stories like this raise the rather disturbing prospect of Brexit causing an intellectual and creative drain on the country. Artists like Rattle no longer see the UK as the open, tolerant society where creativity is fostered that it once was, so they are leaving in search of more welcoming, progressive places. They also no longer have the freedom to work anywhere in the EU without needing a visa that they had before 2016. Rattle may just be one of the first, but he certainly won’t be the last unless we do something to reverse the stupidity which is Brexit.

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