A British Fox News is the last thing we need right now

I think we should be very, very concerned indeed about this news that a Fox-style, right-wing bullshit spewing news channel is being created in the UK. Of course, I know that freedom of speech and plurality of opinion must be sacrosanct, but the last thing the country needs right now is a soapbox on steroids where far-right nutcases like Nick Ferrari and Julia Heartley-Brewer can mouth their empty, reactionary heads off to a captive, unquestioning audience. The country is divided enough as it is, but GB News promises to air “programming with attitude and strong opinions, serving a conservative, provincial audience supposedly ignored by the liberal metropolitan instincts of the current incumbents in British TV news.” Rather than drawing from a breadth of opinion and properly sourced material, such channels use a set of provocative, outspoken hosts to try to steer viewers towards highly conservative mindsets. Such hosts become almost worshipped or reveered by the audience; their often baseless pronouncements accepted without question. Perhaps even more concerning is the fact that it isn’t entirely clear where this new news channel is being funded from. Having watched a bit of Fox News, and seen the social and cultural problems that kind of reactionary, bigoted, intentionally divisive propaganda pump can cause, I really think this channel is the last thing we need in the UK right now.

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