Is stuff being built elsewhere?

I obviously haven’t been able to go out and explore the city as much as I’d ordinarily like, so to keep track of what is going on, I simply go onto Youtube. There, I find videos like this about the revitalisation of the Nine Elms area. Despite the pandemic and the deepest recession in decades, there is obviously still a hell of a lot of money going into building and infrastructure across London – and that’s before we even get into things like Crossrail. I have to ask though: is this being mirrored elsewhere? It feels like years since I went outside London to another uk city. How are places like Manchester, Liverpool or Stoke doing? Are we seeing swanky new buildings being constructed there too? And if we aren’t, could this imbalance in investment be leading to the increasing resentment of London and the South I’ve been picking up on social media?

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