Lyn’s Song

A few months ago during the first lockdown I asked my friend Charlotte to help me make a song. Lyn, as ever, was on my mind, and I thought rather than write anything in prose, what better tribute can I pay her than one in the art form which she loved? Charlie very kindly obliged: I wrote some lyrics and she skilfully fit them to music, and a few email exchanges later (together with C’s brother Hugh’s help on the accordion) we had quite a beautiful piece of music. The problem was, we agreed that it wasn’t quite finished: it needed something like an electric guitar solo to round it off. Since neither of us knew any electric guitarists, we sort of left it there; the project was forgotten about, and the file was left to collect electronic dust on my computer.

A couple of days ago though, I was thinking about Lyn and how I have yet to pay her a decent tribute. The news was about how Captain Moore was in hospital, with everyone paying tribute to him. I suddenly thought about Lyn’s Song, and how it had never received the airing it deserved. At that, I decided to put things right, creating a simple video montage to go with the track and uploading it. It can be seen here. The video is far from perfect, but the music is what matters. I miss Lyn, and always will, and this seems like a great way to remember her.

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