Trying To Get Vaccinated

It has been a long, frustrating afternoon. A couple of days ago I noticed a new COVID vaccination centre had opened not far from here, so today I thought I would go and see if I could get vaccinated. It has been a dismal few months, and like everyone else I’d like to see the threat of this virus lifted. Since I’m in close physical contact with people like Personal Assistants and shop assistants so regularly, and given that I can’t wear a mask, I thought there was a good argument to be made that I should get vaccinated earlier than people my age would ordinarily be.

At about midday, then, I trundled down the path to see what could be done. There, outside the small centre, I spoke to a friendly lady who, seeming to understand my predicament, explained that they would need to see my NHS number before they could help. With that I sped back home (via the off license – well, it is Friday after all). Luckily Serkan was still here when I got back, so he helped me find a letter with my NHS number. I put it in my bumbag together with proof of my new address and passport, just in case, and made my way back to the vaccination centre.

This time, though, things weren’t quite so positive: as friendly as the staff there were, once they saw my NHS number, they found I couldn’t book a vaccination. The program they used just took people’s ages into account, so as much as I tried to explain why I needed the jab, there was nothing they could do. The best they could do was give me a phone number to get someone to ring. At that I began to get frustrated: I am now reaching the stage where I would give almost anything to cuddle mum or dad, have a beer with Charlie, Chris or Steve, or be rolled down a hill in a plastic bag by my brothers (don’t ask), but I can’t due to this damn virus. I’m stuck, trundling around my local area in my powerchair, waiting for the day that things return to normal; hoping that neither me, Serkan or anyone else catches anything in the meantime. And on the one occasion I decide to be proactive and take the initiative, I get fobbed off with a phone number.

Well, at least I tried.

3 thoughts on “Trying To Get Vaccinated

  1. Your PA is recognized as a health and social care worker so he should be able to register.for vaccination.Whoever funds your support should be able to tell you what the procedure is in your area. You need to speak to your GP about been added to the CEV list on grounds of neurological difficulty particular with eating

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  2. Yes, as above. You need to make your GP aware if you have any trouble swallowing/eating as that is recognised as a risk factor and then they may move you to group 4 and they will/should then call you when they have moved to group 4 vaccines. It is very likely that your PA will be offered a vaccine before you. People cannot just turn up at vaccine centres and request the vaccine and certainly round here there are lots of messages on social media etc asking people not to do that, and not to phone the GP asking for a vaccine….they would be even more overwhelmed if lots of people did that. But it is OK to contact the GP (i did it by email) to flag up my family members’ severe dysphagia (swallowing issues)

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  3. My PA Serkan is due to get vaccinated soon, which is vey good news, but as I don’t really have much difficulty eating, I’m not sure I could play that card.


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