The Charlton Riverside Masterplan

I think I ought to clear up a bit of a mistake I made a couple of years ago here. I went down to Charlton Riverside yesterday, on one of my more lengthy rolls. Going through the area by the Thames Barrier, I remembered once bemoaning that that old industrial area, between the river and the A206, didn’t seem to be getting the attention that areas such as the Woolwich Arsenal and north Greenwich have had. Once home, I decided to look into it on Google, and soon realised how stupid I was being: through something called the Charlton Riverside Masterplan, that whole area is shortly going to be transformed into a mixed residential and commercial district. Things have presumably been delayed by the pandemic, but from what I have read, it should be in place by 2024. It just goes to show I shouldn’t start talking rubbish about areas of London being neglected before I know all the facts; and that I shouldn’t be so London-centric when, the truth is, huge amounts of money are going into redeveloping and gentrifying the capital, especially it’s south and east, while other parts of the country are being totally neglected.

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