Feeling Sorry for Tokyo

I know I’m a bit sad (ie uncool or geeky) to keep going on about the Olympic games, but I have to say, you have to feel sorry for the people of Tokyo. There they were, all geared up to play party host to the world, only to have it delayed for a year by a global pandemic, and even now it’s not absolutely certain whether the games will go ahead this year. As it stands, Tokyo citizens have been told they can watch and clap the torch relay, but not cheer for fear of spreading the virus. I can’t help thinking, can you imagine what things would have been like if the coronavirus bomb had dropped in 2012, and this had happened to London? I remember how geared up and excited the city – and country – were. We had been preparing for seven years; had the games been snatched away at the last moment, there would have been carnage. And on top of that, there’s the fact that the CEO of the Tokyo olympics is in hot water for sexist comments. What would have happened if Seb Coe had been so naughty? It kind of makes me relieved to think that the Olympics are now just a happy memory for us Londoners, but having hosted the games and the memories still being quite fresh, our hearts must go out to our Japanese friends.

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