BBC3 returning to ‘ordinary’ TV

In my opinion, this is probably the most interesting news of the day, or perhaps week. After six years based online, the Beeb has decided to relaunch BBC3 onto ordinary television. Now, I was never a particular fan of BBC3, although there were a few fairly interesting shows on there, but what interests me about this news is what it might imply. The Beeb moved Three online because, at the time, that was the way things were going: websites like Netflix were just starting up, and it looked we were getting more and more entertainment from the web. The BBC was thus reacting to a trend: the internet was the place to be for funky, cutting edge audiovisual output. Does this U-Turn imply things are now going in the opposite direction? Is the Beeb returning to it’s traditional routes as a response to consumer trends? Or is it turning it’s back on younger, online audiences in order to appease older, more socially conservative viewers, still unused to the Web and the new ideas which come with it.

2 thoughts on “BBC3 returning to ‘ordinary’ TV

  1. I wondered about that too. Especially as in the current context of lockdown TV streaming services are all on the crest of a wave. Maybe the Beeb feels the extra exposure from relaunching BBC3 is worth the extra cost. In any case, the online version is not stopping. I felt the Beeb was penny pinching when it cut BBC3 in the first place.
    Now I wonder wither the BBC will revive its plan to launch a BBC1 +1 channel.

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  2. I heard an interview on Radio 4 just now. The guy (I didn’t catch who it was) said that the decision 6 years ago to drop BBC3 as a separate channel was a mistake. It had saved about 50 million pounds, mainly through a cut in programme production.

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