The BBC Micro Turns 40

By modern standards of course, BBC Micro computers are slow, quaint and very outdated (understatement of the week!) Yet I think it’s fair to say I owe a lot to them. They were the first sort of computer I ever knew. I remember, age five or six, my parents sat me in front of one and told me to write stories. In a way that was probably my first opportunity to demonstrate how much I understood about the world around me. The stories I wrote were naturally quite childish, and it took me ages to tap out just a few words, but nonetheless that was the beginning of my love of writing.

This year the BBC Micro is celebrating it’s fortieth birthday. The (other) BBC has made a short film to mark the occasion here. These days computers are part of our everyday lives; it’s amusing to think that the smartphones and Ipads we all now use to chat to one another have far, far more processing power than you could ever dream of back in the eighties. Yet I think it’s fair to say that the BBC Micro is at least one of the machines which kicked the computing revolution off, and with out it we wouldn’t be where we are today. It’s fair to say I owe a lot to it, but so do many others.

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