Bond Meets Nan

Given I got so excited about Bond’s appearance on Comic Relief yesterday, I’m probably expected to say something about it today. To be honest, though, I don’t think there is that much I can sink my analytical teeth into: they obviously played it for laughs ass befitted the occasion, but these were more chuckles than full on belly laughs. There were one or two references to things like Bond’s sexuality and carbon footprint, as well as to the pandemic, but apart from that the skit did not strike me as particularly noteworthy. There was no moment of awesomeness I was kind of hoping for. That said, it was good to see Daniel Craig back in the role, and I liked the way Cathrine Tate’s Nan cheekily made fun of Bond while Craig tried his best to keep a straight face, but failed ever so slightly at the end. Both actors were obviously having fun, and I think this sketch should just be seen as a bit of lighthearted frippery more than something to delve deeply into.

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