Don’t let the Tories try to steal the credit

Everyone seems to be getting so excited that the coronavirus rollout is going so well and the infection rate is now so low, things may at last soon return to something vaguely resembling normality. Yet I must now point out, cases are increasing in Europe at a worrying rate. That means that we are not out of the woods yet: it wouldn’t take much for a new variant to pop  over the channel and we’d be back to square one. The pandemic won’t be over until it’s over everywhere. Yet surely that demonstrates the importance of working together with our neighbours rather than cutting ourselves off. Had we still been members of the EU, perhaps we could have better coordinated a continent-wide response, rather than bickering like children over vaccine supplies. It is only due to Brexit that the Astrazenica mess ever happened, not that the Tories would ever admit it: they benefit politically from the division such scandals cause, and actively try to stir up animosity towards Europe.

That is, when they aren’t trying to credit greed and capitalism for the success of the vaccination process, when it was in fact the altruism, kindness and sense of community which underpin organisations like the NHS which we have to thank. As a Tory, Johnson ideologically opposes the NHS, preferring profit-based systems where the richer you are, the better healthcare you have access to; he’ll never admit a socially-based system has saved the country. Contrary to the moronic claims of the scumbag now in Downing Street, capitalism gets in the way and hinders the process, when in fact we all need to work together. This year has demonstrated that beyond doubt. The Tories might try to take the credit, but it is despite, not because of, their perverse world views that we are at this point; and had it been soley up to them, things could have been far worse.

The Tories are thus ideologically opposed to both the NHS and EU, but it is only thanks to the bloody hard work of National Health Service staff that we are doing so well; and if we were still members of the European Union there would be much less risk of a resurgence. Why then, in the name of all that is good in the world, do we let these fools run the country?

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