A Lovely Honour for Leonard Nimoy.

It seems Boston now has to be added to my list of cities I want to visit. According to this TrekMovie article, “Today, March 26, 2021, would have been the late Leonard Nimoy’s 90th birthday. And to honor [sic] the legendary Star Trek actor the City of Boston declared today Leonard Nimoy Day. And the Boston Museum of Science just announced they are partnering with the Nimoy family to develop a memorial honoring [sic] him and his famed Vulcan Salute.” I must say that strikes me as a very cool tribute, especially given Nimoy, and Star Trek as a whole, has done so much over six decades to encourage a fascination in science and exploration in so many people. After all, it was Star Trek which first made my brother Mark interested in physics, and now he has a PhD in it, although I’m still waiting for him to invent a warp drive for my powerchair.

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