I will always be baffled by how can’t some people realise that, if they are able enough to earn a decent amount of money, it’s only fair that part of their earnings should go towards helping people less able than they are. And why can’t they acknowledge that surely the most efficient way to render such aid is through the state? Or do they realise both, but are simply to selfish to admit it? Hoarding money while knowingly letting others starve is not economic prudence but simply greed: a mark of spoiled children who were never taught the value of sharing. We seem to have such a spoiled brat currently running the country; a man too blinded by his ego, his vision of himself as worldly yet likeable statesman, to realise most people see him as the fraudulent, lying charlatan he is. A man so despicable, so spoiled, he thinks he has a right to use public money to fund his affairs. What baffles me is how we could allow such blatantly, manifestly unfit people call theirselves our leaders, even after all the hardship and suffering they have put the country through.

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