How far up theirselves can anyone go?

If you ever wonder just how far up their own arse anyone can go, just read this. “Donald Trump has launched a new website celebrating his time as US president that includes a very selective retelling of the history of his time in office…The centrepiece of the site is an 885-word history of the Trump presidency, listing the achievements of what it describes as “the most extraordinary political movement in history”.” I can’t decide whether it’s more comic or tragic to see a man so deluded, whose image of himself is so divorced from reality, that he is willing to go to such lengths to preserve his narratives. Trump obviously thinks that if he shouts loudly enough, the bullshit he spews will be accepted as the truth. It’s a sign of a profoundly disturbed mind. What is even more worrying, though, is that some people still believe what Trump says, against all the evidence that he is nothing but a lying, egotistical conman. Less businessman, more bullshit-merchant.

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