Preaching During a Pandemic

I note that the Church is insisting that it should be able to open up for worship this easter, despite the ongoing pandemic. Does that not strike anyone else as arrogant? The clergy are essentially saying they don’t care whose lives they put at risk, their right to continue to indoctrinate people should take priority. As I have written on here before, I see religion as a form of social control: it simply uses a set of ancient myths as a source of authority in order to tell people how to behave. It’s usually highly conservative and oppressive. It also seems determined to cling to that authority however it can, including insisting on it’s right to carry out it’s rituals and preach to people when any other form of social gathering is prohibited. As soon as we start to peak behind the curtain and question why it should hold so much sway, the church’s authority evaporates and it becomes nothing more than a bunch of dogmatic old men ranting their heads off trying to tell us what to think and how to live our lives. Thus it will do all it can to remain open and retain it’s cultural position, of course insisting that faith gives people hope and comfort, when in fact it binds them to dogma. Only when we question religion can we free ourselves from the church’s cultural snare.

Here endeth the Sunday sermon.

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