The Forgotten Statue

I’m currently puzzling over something you might call uncanny or out of place. Not far from here, on the other side of Kidbrooke from me, is a small park I can’t find the name of. It’s a quiet, pleasant place surrounded by blocks of flats, dating, I’d guess, from the seventies or eighties. It’s well-maintained, with a pond or small lake with a pretty little fountain. At one end of the pond, though, is a small, overgrown island which it looks like nobody has set foot on for decades, or even centuries. It can only be three or four square metres big, but the island has a stone statue on it, possibly of Zeus or one of the Greek gods. It’s so overgrown, it must have been there for decades: There is a forgotten feel to it, as if this was a place where something important once happened, but which nobody now remembers. It puzzles me: What is this place? What happened there? How did such a fine statue get onto the island, yet has now seemingly been forgotten about? Such timeless, uncanny places fascinate me, so this will be something I’ll try to look deeper into.

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