The Tories are cutting arts degrees to shreds

Just to follow up on this entry I wrote a few months ago about how I’m glad I’m not a student these days, I just came across this BBC article about how the Tories are cutting funding to uni arts courses. “Singer Jarvis Cocker, actor Maxine Peake and author Bernardine Evaristo are among those to have criticised a plan to cut government funding for arts subjects at universities by almost 50%.” Such a cut is obviously savage: I don’t see how niche, joint honours degrees like the one I was on could survive. Yet the Tory bastards obviously have other priorities. They don’t value the arts. To them, something is only worthwhile if it makes them and their rich pals richer; so they cut things like arts education to shreds, and people like me end up losing out.

One thought on “The Tories are cutting arts degrees to shreds

  1. Also too many arty types tend to be leftist and anything that makes a lefty suffer is good to a Tory. So much for leveling up opportunities for working class students. IT will make the arts a field for the upper middle class.

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