DVD Solutions

It’s time for me to ‘fess up to something which I feel a little embarrassed about. When my parents helped me buy a new iMac a couple of months ago, I assumed it would have a DVD player. All my previous Imacs had one inbuilt, so I naturally took it for granted that my new one would be no different. When it arrived, however, I was shocked to find it had no CD or DVD slot: you obviously needed to buy one separately. That wouldn’t have been a problem, only it would have meant telling Mum and Dad, who aren’t very pro-apple already. I don’t use a credit card these days for security reasons, so anything I need to buy online I ask my parents for. Telling my parents, though, would just have confirmed their view that Apple were money-grabbing tossers.

The situation was fine for a while; I mainly stream films from sites like Netflix these days anyway. Yet my collection of DVDs was sitting by my desk, staring at me. I’d assumed that an external drive would cost hundreds, putting me in a bit of a predicament. What should I do: admit my mistake to my parents, or leave my DVD collection, including my James Bond and Lord Of The Rings box sets, to collect dust?

Yesterday, though, I was up in Stratford, and largely on a whim I decided to visit the Apple shop there to ask the price of a DVD drive. As I say, I expected it to cost a silly amount, but to my surprise it was quite reasonable. It was time to put this silly situation to bed, and, making a short trip to a nearby branch of my building society, shortly after I was taking a new DVD drive home with me. I would at last be able to watch my precious DVDs again, without my parents having to know anything about it.

Serkan put the first disk in this morning, and it works beautifully. I realise how silly all this might sound – a 38 year old having to ask his parents to buy stuff for him, and then being too embarrassed to do so. It’s not as if they wouldn’t have bought it, only I would have had to admit my new computer didn’t have a DVD drive. You have to agree, a computer without a DVD player as standard these days is pretty silly. While I realise a blog entry about going to buy a DVD drive is pretty lame when you think about it, I’m pleased to have found a solution without having to tell Mum and Dad. More to the point, I’m happy that I can watch my DVDs again.

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