What American Healthcare looks like to others

I know I shouldn’t just post links to Youtube videos on here, but I think this New York Times vid, comparing the cost and efficacy of the American Healthcare system to others across the world, is very, very telling. When looked at properly, it’s jaw-dropping to see how much worse the American system is – it’s focus on profit makes it almost draconian. It’s good to see Americans themselves at last realising this, and perhaps admitting to their selves that their country might not be quite as great as they like to think.

One thought on “What American Healthcare looks like to others

  1. Hi M@@
    You’re obviously a closet commy!
    Seriously, I’ve spent some time on US discussion groups recently. The topic of health care comes up quite often. It appears that most of the yanks just don’t believe anything other than their system is the best. People seem to believe that there are long waiting lists for medical treatment in the UK. forgetting that their insurance companies make them wait ages before giving the OK for treatment. Then lots of people comment along the lines of “I’d rather pay a little bit more than pay for free-loaders”.
    The real free-loaders are the insurance companies.

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