Jab Day No.1

I’m very pleased to report that I just had my first Covid vaccination dose. In the end I was given the Astrazenica vaccine, not that it matters at the end of the day. I’m just happy to have done my bit for society, to get past this wretched pandemic. Mind you, I’m very glad that I took Serkan with me to the pharmacy rather than going alone: rolling up there, joining the queue and giving my details, I was initially told that I couldn’t have my jab today for some reason and would have to re-book; yet Serkan stuck to his guns, fought my corner and got them to reconsider. It was quite a relief as I was eager to get it over and done with. I currently feel fine: my arm hurts slightly, but apart from that I’m rather perky. I suppose it’s the knowledge that I’ve done my bit to get past this pandemic.

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