Has the rest of the country caught up with London, ramp-wise?

I realise that this might make for a bit of an odd or unusual blog entry, but for a couple of weeks I’ve been puzzling over a question I’m not sure how to find the answer to. It’s not that it’s particularly complicated, just that I’m not sure which words to tap into google to get the answer. Ever since moving to London eleven years ago, I’ve used the big red busses quite frequently. When I first moved here, I remember being impressed with how all the busses had automatic ramps which the driver extended only by pushing a button on his dashboard. Up in Cheshire, whenever I wanted to get on a bus, to go from Alsager to Crewe say, the driver had had to get out from his seat and manually unfold the ramp for me. It was quite time consuming and laborious, and I think they resented it. What I want to know now is, has the rest of the country caught up with London? I haven’t had to use a bus outside of the capital in ages, so I don’t know the type of ramps they use. Of course, it is only due to activist groups like DAN, who campaigned for accessible public transport in the eighties and nineties, that busses have ramps at all; but I think they focussed specifically on London, so the rest of the country got rather left behind. Can anyone tell me what the situation is? What sort of wheelchair ramps do bussed outside London have? Does it vary from town to town, area to area? Have busses outside the capital been modified, or is this yet another situation where all the resources get poured into London and the rest of the country gets left behind?

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