A Literary Question

Today I would just like to pose a question which I’ve been pondering for the past couple of days. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’m looking forward to watching a forthcoming documentary series on Earnest Hemingway. It starts on Tuesday, so in preparation I’ve been checking out a few bios of him on Youtube. As you may know, Hemingway lived a large part of his life in Cuba and Key West, fishing in the Caribbean in the thirties and forties. It occurs to me that fellow writer Ian Fleming also lived out there at that time – did they ever meet? Of course, Cuba, Key West and Jamaica, where Fleming lived are completely separate islands so it’s far from certain that they crossed paths, but could they have? Would they have got on if they did? I haven’t yet seen any record that they met, but it occurs to me that the two writers were quite similar characters: macho, no-nonsense womanisers. I would be very interested to find out whether two of my favourite authors did ever meet, when, where, and what they thought of one another.

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