A quiet but productive day

I have had quite a quiet day. This morning I went for one of my usual trundles, over to the cafe in Charlton Park, where I bumped into one of the guys I know from the cricket team. I had an elongated coffee there, before heading down to Woolwich. That entire area still holds so many memories for me. I was just checking out the new Crossrail station, though, when my Ipad reminded me I had a Zoom meeting in ten minutes: the Greenwich Association of Disabled people (GAD)’s annual general meeting was about to start. I hurried home as quick as possible, catching the bus back. Fortunately I don’t think I missed much of the meeting, and hopefully made one or two useful contributions. I think it is good for me, as a disabled man, to play an active role in my local disabled community, which is why such meetings are worth hurrying home for. Over the last ten years I’ve come to know the guys at GAD, and it is only by supporting one another that we can all pull through.

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