My next Powerchair?

In this morning’s family Skype call, my brother Luke mentioned he’d been watching Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon. Now, while I used to enjoy Top Gear, I can’t call myself a fan of Jeremy Clarkson: in recent years he has become more and more of a prat as he has tried to live up to his reputation for being a loose cannon. He wants to be seen as a kind of right-wing, anti-authoritarian figure, famous for doing all these whacky, car related stunts. Some of what he did used to be ok, but since he left the BBC he has lost my interest and respect. This morning, though, Luke mentioned him doing something involving a tractor which I thought sounded cool. I have always had a liking for tractors since I was small. I just looked it up on Youtube, and wasn’t disappointed. My initial reaction to this clip was, “I want one!” but then it struck me that I have enough trouble with my powerchair sometimes, how on earth could I handle a forty-tonne tractor? Then again, if they allow someone as blatantly juvenile and socially irresponsible as Jeremy Clarkson use such a behemoth, why not go the whole hog and let me use one? It would certainly make going to the shops a lot more interesting.

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