More on Masks

I have written on here before about how I struggle to wear face masks. I can’t wear them: because of my dribble they just slip down my chin and are completely impractical. However, I don’t think that strips me of my right to criticise people who refuse to wear them for pseudo-political reasons. If it was easier or more practical for me to wear a mask, of course I would: they are a vital step in getting past this pandemic. Those who refuse to wear them when they can and should do so out of pure selfishness. By loosening the rules regarding the wearing of masks in public spaces, Johnson is pandering to his core tory voters whose only concern is for their selves. They do not give a damn how many other people might fall ill – their needs and wants come first. It all boils down to the old Thatcherite, ”no such thing as society” which is at the heart of the Tory ethos, which in turn boils down to spoiled children who were never taught to share.

The problem is, society exists, and it is only by working together, as a society, that we’ll ever be able to get past this pandemic. That means we need people capable of seeing things in far broader terms running the country than those we currently have in government. If we allow these fools to continue as they have been, loosening the rules as soon as they can, before having to tighten them again when cases and deaths begin to rise once more, things will just go in an endless circle. Surely we need someone capable of putting the needs of society before their own, of seeing things in terms of the bigger picture rather than the immediate and short term, running the country. If the last eighteen months or so has demonstrated anything, it is the folly of such short term, individualistic mentalities.

Whether the Tories like it or not, we are in this together, and we can only get out of it by working as a society. I might not be able to wear a mask, but I still have a right to condemn others for not doing so, and wholeheartedly intend to. These days, a bare face is a sign of a selfish mind: it tells others you don’t care about them, no matter what you might be exhaling. It is the very mentality which lead to Brexit and Trump, and every day it becomes clearer and clearer that we, as a society, should be better than such idiocy.

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