We Can’t Abandon Afghanistan

I know that war must always be avoided, and that violence is nothing to be relished, but I really think the US and UK must now go back into Afghanistan. I’m no military analyst, of course, but looking at the pictures we’re receiving, and knowing what we know about the Taliban, surely we can’t abandon the country to that bunch of religious nutcases. We can debate whether America and it’s allies were right to pull out of Afghanistan in the first place all we want (and I note that Trump is now trying to pin the blame for the current situation on Biden, when it was he who initiated the withdrawal to begin with), but the fact remains, surely we can’t let the country be dragged back to how it was. Surely we can’t let these men re-impose their medieval views, robbing women and girls of their rights, beheading anybody who questions them. I’m not saying I know the answer – another full-scale invasion would obviously be absurd. Yet surely we bear some responsibility for what happens there, having invaded twenty years ago. Afghanistan has a right to flourish and prosper like every other country, not get dragged back into a religious dark age.

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