Film Festival Meetings Begin Again

For the first time in quite a while, I have a ‘what I did last night’ entry to write. Yesterday evening saw the first physical Charlton and Woolwich Free Film Festival meeting in well over two years. During the pandemic, we had been meeting over zoom of course, but last night was the first time the organisation comittee had actually got together in ages. The festival was cancelled last year, of course, so it felt great to meet up with those guys again. We met in the Bugle Horn in Charlton at about half seven, so I caught the bus there after dinner. Until now, plans for this year’s festival had taken place over email or zoom, so last night was just about finalising the arrangements for the screenings in September. My contribution this year will be a showing of Crip Camp, and I’m pleased to report that preparations for it seem to be going nicely. I’m pleased to report too that, despite the meeting taking place in a pub, I managed to stay off the booze, and was able to have a nice stroll home in my chair, getting in just after ten, having had a much overdue taste of normality.

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