The Tip of the Brexit Iceberg

I was just watching the evening news, and the BBC is now admitting that shops across the country are now facing significant food shortages, caused at least in part by Brexit. While I haven’t noticed any lack of food in my local shops here in London, I’ve been coming across such reports online for a while. Now the UK has left the EU, we are facing a huge shortage of lorry drivers: goods simply aren’t getting where they need to go. What concerns me is, as the consequences of leaving the EU become clearer and clearer, this will just be the tip of the iceberg.

One thought on “The Tip of the Brexit Iceberg

  1. I really feel like I’m watching the UK go down the plughole in real time! Although I have seen some comments by leavers that this is just temporary, I think that is wishful thinking on their part.

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