My Position on Scotland Hasn’t Changed

Having just seen the news that the SNP have restarted their independence campaign and now plan to hold a second Scottish independence referendum next year, I automatically decided that that would be the subject of todays entry. Before starting to write, though, I thought I’d check what I’ve written previously about it. To be honest, I don’t think I can do better than to direct everyone to this entry, written last year. My views haven’t changed since then: I still think that, were Scotland to break away from the union, it would be an act of utter selfishness and betrayal. The scots would be selling the rest of the uk out for their own petty self-interest: They might be ok, but they would have completely abandoned us, especially at a time when we need to work together to solve problems such as Brexit.

2 thoughts on “My Position on Scotland Hasn’t Changed

  1. I can kind of see where you are coming from, but I have to ask how much you actually know about Scottish history and politics? Because in my experience, as a Scot who has lived in England now for a long time, most English people know next to nothing about the clearances, and what was done particularly in the Victorian era, to clear out thousands and thousands of people to make way for deer and grouse. Sent to America or Australia or just off the land that they knew how to farm, to the coastal areas and to a fishing based life that they nothing about…you get the idea.
    And did you know that the dreaded “poll tax” of the late 1980s was imposed in Scotland a year before the rest of the UK? So there is a long history of Scotland being treated as “other” by England, irrespective of its own discussions about independence.
    (Personally I am really torn about Scottish independence but don’t get a vote in any case as I live south of the border.)

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    1. Such historic grievances will occur everywhere, but surely that is no reason to ferment more division and animosity. To solve our problems we must work together, and for that we must remain united, be that with respect to the EU or the UK.


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