Should I start Volunteering again?

There are quite a few schools in the area where I now live, so now that summer is at an end, I suddenly notice loads of young people in school uniform appear towards the end of the afternoon. This didn’t happen last September, of course, because the schools were in lockdown; but now that they’re opening up again there are suddenly kids all over the place. It makes me wonder about getting involved somehow. Before I moved to Eltham, I used to volunteer at Charlton Park Academy: that is a special school which has severely disabled students. It was Lyn’s suggestion initially. I used to help kids there with their communication skills, mostly by acting as a rolemodel. I still hope, once things clear up a bit more, to go back there and resume my voluntary work.

I see volunteering at school as a valuable way of contributing to society; It also gives my days and weeks some structure. Perhaps now I live in Eltham I could do the same at one of the local mainstream schools too. What I could do for them I’m not sure: perhaps they have students with SEN I could give help or advice on; or perhaps they could do with a specialist in film or media studies – or indeed blogging. Yet the last few months have seemed so mundane and dull that I think I would just like to interact, productively, with a bit of society again.

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