Warp Drives are in the Works

My brother Mark is a physicist. Being Trekkies, growing up we always joked that he would one day invent the warp drive. Practically though, I assumed that such an engine would be impossible in reality. Even I know enough about Einstein to know that it’s impossible to go faster than the speed of light. However, I just came across this fascinating Youtube video. Apparently, warp drives are theoretically possible, and several organisations including NASA are now working on creating one. I find that very exciting. Mind you, they first have to find a way around the fact that such an engine would seemingly need more energy than exists in the entire universe; but minor details aside it looks like we’re a step closer to Star Trek becoming a reality.

It looks like Mark might be beaten to it. Oh well – as long as they don’t piss off the Klingons or Romulans, I suppose it’s all right.

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