Back To The Cinema?

It’s probably fair to say that I’ve never been as eager to watch a film than I currently am to watch No Time To Die. My previous, rather pessimistic predictions aside, it is a film I’m starting to get high hopes for – I think we could all do with a bit of Bond right now. I just checked at my local Odeon, and they start screening it from Thursday. Months ago, I promised myself that the first film I would watch in a cinema after the pandemic would be the next Bond film: something about that felt fitting. On the other hand, it would mean breaking another of my little traditions: ever since Casino Royale came out in 2006, I have gone to see new Bond films with my friend Charlie. I still remember that day well, being escorted to the Odeon in Stoke by Charlie and our friend Tony like an excited child by his parents. If I go to watch No Time To Die on my own next week, it would obviously mean breaking that tradition, which would feel like a bit of a shame, to be honest. I suppose I have to choose between satisfying my enthusiasm to watch this film by watching it on my own in a week or so; or waiting until C can come down to enjoy it with me, something which may still be months away under the current circumstances. It seems like so long since I saw a Bond film in a cinema that I just cannot wait any more. But then again, what’s a few more weeks where friends are involved? Decisions, decisions.

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