Asking Questions

Yesterday evening I did something on Facebook which perhaps I shouldn’t have: I posed a rhetorical question about a film which I had recently seen, but which not everyone had. The question concerned the film’s ending, so it was quite a big spoiler, and it got me a bit of flack for posing it. Perhaps I shouldn’t have asked it, yet thinking about it, I probably had every right to: for one I did not explicitly name the film, so the link was not that overt. For another, I was talking about a film which was in the public domain and which just about anyone will soon see anyway; if I shouldn’t have asked it then, then how long should I have waited. As a writer, blogger and social commentator, it is surely my job to ask such questions. It concerned arguably the biggest filmic franchise in popular culture and the substantial change it will now presumably have to undergo as a consequence of the conclusion to it’s latest iteration. The issue had been bugging me all day, and I wanted to know what others thought; so while I’m sorry that I may have given the game away for others, I hope they understand that asking such questions is what guys like me do.

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