Utter Chaos

I woke to the sound of helicopters overhead this morning. It was clear something was happening out there, but I didn’t put two and two together until Serkan got here, quite late, and told me that it was utter chaos outside. The roads were apparently gridlocked, with just about all of London queuing for petrol. It was a sunny day so I rolled out a bit later to see for myself, and it was indeed horrendous: I have never seen the roads around here so packed. At every petrol station I passed, tens of cars were queuing, their drivers nearly all shouting at one another. What gets me, though, that rather than admitting that this chaos is a direct result of Brexit, the Tories are trying to tell us that it’s a similar situation all over Europe, and has nothing to do with them screwing up the country so royally? Are there traffic jams this long in Europe? Can choppers be heard over Berlin or Paris? Just how stupid do the Tories think we are?

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