A Much Needed Visit.

I value my independence a great deal. I love living on my own here in south London, getting up when I want, eating and drinking what I want, going where I want, just with a bit of help from my PA. If you had told me twenty years ago that this is where I’d be in twenty years, I wouldn’t have believed you. Yet the truth remains I still need my parents help with certain things: for one, they’re about a thousand times better at admin and paperwork than I am. This morning, for example, they came to visit, and we spent about two hours sorting through my box of unsorted letters, receipts and statements. It had needed to be done for months, but I didn’t know where to start (well, that and I had much more interesting things to do). Joking aside, I am very relieved indeed that I have parents like mine: I may not still be living with them, as I once assumed I would be; but the fact remains that without my Mum and Dad I simply wouldn’t be here.

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