A Sickening Consequence of Brexit

I stopped watching Question Time ages ago, simply because I kept getting too angry at what the politicians on it were saying, but I just came across this appalling news. Comedian Rosie Jones appeared on QT on Thursday, but has since received a torrent of online abuse, mostly concerning the fact she has CP. She tweeted “The sad thing is that I’m not surprised at the ableist abuse I’ve received. It’s indicative of the country we live in right now. I will keep on speaking up, in my wonderful voice, for what I believe in.” Surely voices like Jones’ (and mine) matter more than ever these days. Yet I’m afraid that the fact that people are getting so much hatred just for being who they are and airing their opinions is sadly indicative of the times we are living in. So many morons think ‘winning’ the 2016 referendum means they now have a right to air their intolerant, xenophobic views, as if it somehow proved they were right all along. To some, the fact that Remain lost means that we on the educated liberal left should now just shut up. One of the most sickening social consequences of Brexit is that it has galvanised intolerance, and so we are seeing more and more reports like this.

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