Royal Opinions

As much as I have a soft spot for the queen, and as much as I’ve obsessed about her meeting with 007, I really don’t think she should be getting involved in politics. Apparently, she has “appeared to suggest she is irritated by people who “talk” but “don’t do”, ahead of next month’s climate change summit.” Of course she is as entitled to her opinions as anyone else; yet as astute as they may be, I don’t see why those opinions should be payed any more attention than anyone else’s. The queen is, after all, an unelected figurehead: nobody voted for her, so she represents nobody but herself. I thus have trouble with the fact that her overheard opinions are being given so much weight in the media. In a democracy, aren’t we all supposed to be equal, or are some people more important than others simply because they were born into certain families?

2 thoughts on “Royal Opinions

  1. I don’t think the Queen’s comments have been circulated because her opinion is more important. They were not public comments but comments made in private that happened to be picked up by a microphone. Prince William’s statements were public as have been Prince Charles’s. That suggests in future the royals may speak out more. Still, this isn’t about parties but about the environment. Time is running out and the Queen like any sensible person is impatient for world governments to take actions and no just speak soothing words while ignoring the problems or even exacerbating them

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    1. I know the queen’s comments weren’t intentionally public; it’s just the fact the beeb etc automatically picked up on them and headed their bulletins with them which caught my attention. Why should it matter what the queen says in a private conversation?


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