Last night I watched Venom on Channel Four. It was after dinner, and I was settling down to watch a serious film. I had never heard of it before, but from the adverts I had seen the previous evening it looked like a fairly good action/sci-fi/horror film – something along the lines of Alien. I still need something new to get my analytical teeth into, so I thought I’d give it a watch.

My hopes were raised even further when, just before the film, the Channel Four announcer told us that Venom was connected to the Marvel film franchise, although it needed no prior knowledge of it. Perhaps this would be an opportunity to break my Marvel duck and start to explore comic book films. However, about half an hour into the film, I realised it was not what I had been expecting: Blobs of CGI goo, supposedly from space, were entering people’s bodies, communicating with them (in American accents) and going around killing people. To call it infantile is to put it mildly. Yet, the weird thing is, the film seemed to take itself seriously; it seemed to still think it was a high budget, action/sci-fi film deserving of attention and respect. It sought to be frightening and comic, serious and playful, at the same time, as if the film couldn’t decide what it was.Combined with the fact that the ‘science’ component of the film was utter hogwash even by Hollywood’s standards, that left me aghast that such poor drivel could have been made. If this is the way the American film industry is going, then I fear for it’s future. Frankly it felt like I was watching a children’s film, yet it was being aired at nine on a Saturday evening. Thus as I headed to bed once the closing credits rolled, I could only wonder what on Earth I had just watched.

4 thoughts on “Venom

  1. Thanks for the warning. I had thought of watching it on replay as we went out last night, to the local cinema. There were about ten people in the audience, with vaccine check on the way in, which is reassuring.

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  2. Venom is an enemy of spiderman in the comics and thus part of marvel but the venom film.wasnt made by marvel/ Disney its made by Sony who own the rights to all of spidermans enemies and loan spiderman to marvel for the mcu so the film couldn’t feature spiderman and is set in a different universe to the usual marvel films , I haven’t seen the second one yet but I’m told it has more links to the mcu so gets a bit better as it goes on.

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