Early Viking Settlement in Canada dated to 1021

Time for a bit of archaeology/history. This is far too interesting for me not to flag up. A viking settlement in Canada has been dated to 1021AD, exactly 1000 years ago. “Long before Columbus crossed the Atlantic, eight timber-framed buildings covered in sod stood on a terrace above a peat bog and stream at the northern tip of Canada’s island of Newfoundland, evidence that the Vikings had reached the New World first.” That means it predates Columbus’ voyage by 471 years, and is evidence of European interaction with Native Americans far earlier than previously thought. The article goes on to say the settlement could be dated due to a rare solar storm affecting the tree rings from the wood used in the settlement, but the buildings themselves match the design and construction of Viking buildings from that period. I find that utterly fascinating, I must say: the settlement was probably only inhabited for ten years by about a hundred people; but imagine what life was like there, out on the edge of what was, for them, the known world.

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