One Glance at the Front Bench

I couldn’t watch Sunak deliver his budget today. Any time I try to watch him or any other Tory speak these days, I fly into a white hot fury. Whatever comes out of their mouths can be assumed to be a tract of self-serving, self-congratulatory bullshit which I simply can’t watch. To listen to them would mean respecting them, and I simply cannot respect a group of people whose policies I know have intentionally caused so much suffering, inequality and division. However, I just turned on the beeb’s six o’clock news, and I think I need to point out the first thing I noticed: after all the furore over that arrogant scumbag Jacob Rees-Mogg trying to tell us that the Tories didn’t need to wear masks, almost everyone sitting on the Tory benches had a mask on their face. Obviously someone had given the hypocritical scumbags a speaking to and decreed that it would be better for the party’s image if everyone wore a mask. The one exception to this, of course, was Rees-Mogg, who still thinks himself too superior to the rest of us to wear a mask; why should he care if everyone else has to breathe in his contaminated breath? Does not his life take precedence over everyone else’s? Thus, instead of having to listen to all the lies and guff, all the misleading half truths about a recovering economy and fiscal responsibility, all you had to do was take one look at the tory front bench to grasp the depths of the hypocritical vermin currently governing the country,

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