Utterly Contemptible

All I have to say today is, what kind of contemptible sleazeball is found guilty of corruption, then tries to use his wife’s suicide to make us feel sorry for him, as if her suicide was because of what was happening to him? The suicide of anyone is tragic, of course, but for Owen Patterson to attempt to leverage his wife’s death for sympathy, portraying himself as some sort of victim when the only thing we ought to be hearing from the outist p’tahk is a grovelling apology, is despicable.

Here is a man who was paid hundreds of thousands of pounds by private companies to lobby on their behalf in parliament, then acts as if he has a right to do so, as if government should turn a blind eye to such blatant corruption just because he’s a Tory. He only resigns after the press rightly turns on him and his Tory mates when they try to let him off the hook, preferring to save face than face the consequences of their corruption. Even then, Patterson acts as if he’s been hard done by, claiming that the press is portraying him unjustly simply because he’s a Brexiteer.

The behaviour of the people currently running the country really is sickening: surely we are better than this.

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