Route 007

I have just come across a little tidbit of information which made my day, week and month. I was just mucking around on facebook, when on a James Bond fan page I noticed an interesting piece of trivia: someone had asked where Fleming got the number 007 from, and someone else had replied that it was the number of the bus he used to take to get into London. The original poster had responded that this was the correct answer, so naturally I decided to check it.

Sure enough I found a web page confirming it, but then came the cool bit: I looked up the route, only to find it runs through Eltham, along a road just a stone’s throw from my place! The bus route, from Kent into Central London, is now run by National Express, but still uses the number 007. To think that Ian Fleming himself used to travel into work through Eltham, and to have this link with one of my all time cinematic heroes, really is awesome. Now that I come to think about it, I think I’ve actually seen the bus, but dismissed the number as just a coincidence.

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