An Idea for Next Year

I suspect it will now be a long, long while before we hear anything more about James Bond. Now that No Time To Die has come out and Daniel Craig has left, I think EON will give the franchise a rest before doing anything more. By that I mean three or four years. Craig has left such a mark on the character, the producers will want to let the dust settle – that, at least, is what I would do.

Or so I thought. En route to bed last night I had another small but notewothy idea: next year marks the queen’s platinum jubilee; seventy years on the throne and all that. Whether you’re a monarchist or not, it will be a huge cultural occasion for the UK. What if EON used the event to announce the next Bond actor? After all, the franchise already has firmly established royal links. It would be the perfect opportunity to announce the next incarnation of Britain’s favourite secret agent. By then, it would have been more or less a year since the release of No Time To Die, which is probably a big enough gap for things to be reset.

That, at least, is what I would do. Whether it happens or not remains to be seen; I’m just noting an idea. Exactly how they could go about it and what sort of grand entrance the new 007 would get is anyone’s guess. I don’t think the queen would be up for anything on the scale of her Olympic entrance. Nonetheless, it could be interesting to see whether the pairing of the Queen and James Bond could be picked up again.

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