David Frost is no Lord

David Frost should be referred to as David Frost; if he deserves a peerage I’m the zarking tooth fairy. Much is being said in the news of his resignation today, but if you ask me the anachronistic bastard should never have been allowed to get anywhere near government. The Tories awarded him a peerage purely in order that he could force Brexit upon us, something that less than half of us voted for in a referendum based on outright lies. Now Frost and those like him intend to use Brexit as an opportunity to turn the UK into a “low tax, low regulation” economy; in other words, a capitalist dystopia where the rich are free to lord it over the poor, the NHS and welfare state are gutted, and where the most able and privileged in society are allowed to hoard their wealth while disabled people are left to starve. If you ask me, such views and aims have no place in this or any other modern society. They are born of greed and selfishness, and the people who hold them are nothing but spoiled brats who were never taught the value of sharing and cooperation. That’s why I feel nothing but contempt for Frost and Outist p’tahks like him. They would turn the country into a Thatcherite hell driven by greed, instead of the caring, social, outgoing place it deserves to be, and why Brexit must be reversed at all costs.

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