Getting Boosted

All being well, I’ll get my third COVID vaccination later today, and to be honest I currently feel quite anxious about it. I know it’s necessary – even vital – to have it if we’re ever going to get over this wretched pandemic, but from what I’ve been hearing, the booster has some very nasty potential side effects. I could be in for a very icky twenty-four to forty-eight hours. If anything interesting happens, of course I’ll note it here, but if I fall a bit silent, now you know why.

Oh well, at least it’s for the common good; and at least I now have No Time To Die on DVD to keep me entertained.

4 thoughts on “Getting Boosted

  1. Just to say that I, my husband, my disabled son and his PA had basically no significant side effects from the booster (Pfizer) and actually I don’t know anyone who did.
    Please be a little bit canny about saying things like “from what I’ve been hearing, the booster has some very nasty potential side effects.” Yes occasionally some people do feel a bit rough for 24 hours, or have a sore arm for a day or two but that is a far cry from “very nasty side effects” and the implication that they are actually quite common. It is of course true that on rare occasions a person may have a much more serious reaction, but it is rare and to imply otherwise really feeds into the anti-vaxxer mythology, which I know would not be your intention.

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    1. Of course the last thing I’d want to do is discourage people from getting vaccinated. I had just been speaking to someone who had experienced a high fever and night sweats, so I was just a tad worried. In the end I was fine though.


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