The American Redoubt

I just came across something very, very disturbing indeed. After watching this Youtube video by The Times, the USA seems more fucked up and scary than ever. In northwestern America, a group of religious zealots are trying to establish their own fascist nation based on religion and the bible. They call it the American Redoubt, and as the documentary explains, it is “a movement to build a home for conservative christians and unhappy Trump voters [which] is being exploited by extremists planning for secession.” Needless to say, watching it I was enraged by the hate-filled crap some of these bigots were spewing: they are allowed to spout all kinds of racist, homophobic and transphobic shit from radio stations, political lecterns and churches, justifying it under the guise of religion. By rights they should simply have been sectioned years ago; or at least told to just shut up and/or ignored like the moronic bigots they are. It concerns me deeply that such views are now so popular in America. Nonetheless I think it is a documentary worth watching, if only to get an insight into just how distorted and warped the views of some Americans are becoming.

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