We Must Fight For the BBC

You can probably all predict what I’m going to write about on here today. The stupid Tory bitch currently calling herself our culture secretary Nadine Dorries has announced the end of the BBC license fee. She has said the next announcement about it’s renewal will be the last. I am, of course, a huge fan of the Beeb: alongside the NHS, it is one of the few institutions which make the UK worth living in. You only have to watch programs like The Green Planet to realise how wonderful it is, and as this Guardian article explains, it does so much more. We would loose an institution of unparalleled, inestimable cultural value if we let the Tory p’tahks continue to play politics with it, using the beeb to distract us from the mess they have created.

To be fair, Dorries is not calling for an end of the BBC (I doubt any politician, apart from utter shits like Peter Bone, would do that), but alternative ways to fund it. Yet as the Guardian piece points out, the bbc is only as great as it is because of the independent way it is funded. ” The principle that matters is that everyone pays in, so it costs far less for a panoply of programming right across the taste spectrum than could ever be funded by subscriptions from a few.” We thus all have equal access to an incredible range of cultural, scientific and current affairs content: we must not allow the tories to threaten that so that only their rich mates can access the best content.

One thought on “We Must Fight For the BBC

  1. I think you’re being too kind to Nadine Dories. She wouldn’t dare call for abolishing the BBC, but cutting its funding and then strangling it over the following years will come to the same thing. The Tories have been gunning for the BBC for years.

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