The Glades

I kind of fancied another explore today, so earlier I had a look at the map to decide where to go. I go up to Stratford quite often, and I’ve been exploring the area around Canary Wharf a bit recently, but today I wanted a change. I looked at what I might find if I headed south rather than north, and noticed a shopping centre called the Glades in Bromley. I thought it might be interesting to look around, but it was clearly too far away to try to reach in just my powerchair. Luckily though, I soon found it was a single bus ride from Eltham, so with that I set off.

The bus ride was quite a convoluted one, and it took longer to get there than I thought. When I did though, I was pleasantly surprised: being South London, I was kind of expecting to find something rather run down and shabby, but The Glades is a nice, well-kept shopping centre, with trendy sushi bars and a well-stocked Waterstones. It might be nowhere near as big as Westfield in Stratford, or as upmarket as Canary Wharf, but what I found wasn’t anything to turn your nose up at. The thing is, such places aren’t that uncommon in London; you find them all over the capital. Yet, thinking about it earlier, I reflected that you would never find a shopping centre like that in Congleton. The Glades might be on the small side for London, but you’d be lucky to find such a place in my hometown or similar small towns; there, such a centre would seem huge, opulent and perhaps even misplaced. It’s another instance of the glaring disparity between London and the rest of the country.

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