The Tories Are Manifestly Unfit To Govern

Having just watched Prime Minister”s Questions, I seriously believe that it’s now very clear that the UK has no government but a bunch of lying, self-serving disgraces to human civilisation categorically unfit to rule. The Tories shouldn’t just leave office but the party should be disbanded. The Conservative party has it’s origins over two centuries ago as an organisation dedicated to keeping power and wealth in the hands of a rich, landed few. To this day, that remains it’s sole aim, and it’s now clear that they will do anything, including blatantly deceive the entire country, to achieve it. This lunchtime, we saw the party rush to the man they call our Prime Minister, a known liar and charlatan, spouting blatant untruths in an effort to absolve him of responsibility for breaking the law. The only thing coming from Johnson should have been a grovelling apology and resignation; any other bullshit he spouted was an insult. This is a group of people which believes they are born to rule and thus are above the rule; they think they have a right to party while the rest of us mourn. They thus treat the rest of us with utter, utter contempt, and to a man are fit only to collect rubbish, not govern the country.

The United Kingdom deserves better than to be governed by this bunch of entitled, selfish, disgraceful scumbags. The Tories must go.

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